Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a premium version without ads?

Coming Soon! We will have a premium subscription which will remove all the ads. Two-thirds of your subscription will be used to pay authors you’ve read in the month so that we can keep rewarding the authors you read.

How can I earn beans for free?

You can earn beans for free using the daily reward ads and the offerwall. Each time you complete an offerwall you will receive the beans that are associated to the gaming challenge.

Can I start as a reader and become an author later?

Absolutely! Just add a book and you’re a WeInk author!

What are the requirements to be an author?

An author is a reader who has submitted a book. So the only thing you need to do is submit a book that meets our requirements:

  • Completed

  • In English

  • A work of fiction

  • An original (no Fanfiction)

We accept all-length books from FlashFiction to Novels.

We accept all genres.

Your book will need to pass a Grammarly check so make sure you run it through this free software yourself before submitting your book.

Submit My Book Now

As a reader can I extract my beans?

No readers cannot extract their beans. Only authors can. Readers are rewarded with free books so to keep the system fair you are able to use your beans in the app and also donate to your favorite authors.

What can I do with my beans as a reader?

As a reader, you can use your beans to donate to your favourite authors! Give them some support that costs you nothing. In the future beans will also be used to download books for offline reading, get the audiobook, etc.

Do I have to be an author to join?

No, you don't. You can join as a reader as well. WeInk is for both Authors and Readers. As long as you like to read you are more than welcome to join!

Do authors keep the rights to their books?

Yes! The copyrights are owned by the Authors while WeInk is a platform for Authors to reach their readers. WeInk only asks for the right to distribute your book un-exclusively and also use your book information for marketing purposes.

My book isn’t complete what can I do?

As of now, there is no writing corner on the app, it is still only a prototype. Chapter-by-chapter updates will be available in the future. While you continue working on your book we would be delighted to have you as a reader. That way you can already start supporting independent authors while also reading books for free.

What genre do you accept?

We accept all genres! The more the better! This includes Poetry, Erotica, and LGTBQIA2S+

Do you ask for exclusivity?

No, we do not. We are still very small and we don’t want exclusivity to hinder authors. You are allowed to have your book in other places but keep in mind that you earn based on the number of readers you have so the more readers read your book on WeInk, the more you will earn. Although we do not ask for exclusivity it is your responsibility to make sure you aren’t breaking any of your existing contracts that do ask for exclusivity.

Are all authors really paid?

Yes! All the Authors are paid.

There are various sources of revenue for authors and we continue to implement more as we develop. For the moment the sources are:

  • At least 65% of any ad-revenue made on your book

  • Reader donations

  • Gaming challenges on the offer wall

How much does an author earn?

The specific earnings can be challenging to determine as they are directly correlated with the number of readers and the level of engagement from your readers. It can vary a lot between authors.

That being said, authors earn at least 65% of any revenue ad-based revenue made on their books, in addition to any gaming challenges they chose to do. In the initial month, with only 1200 users, some authors earned more than $30. As our platform continues to grow, these figures are expected to increase. Additionally, since the book is free more people will read your book.

At WeInk we are constantly brainstorming and thinking of more ways to reward authors. Our mission is to help passionate writers earn a living from their art so we will keep developing features that help authors earn until we are able to accomplish it. The ad-based revenue is just a start hence why it's only a prototype. Stay tuned for all the upcoming surprises.

What can I do with my beans as an author?

As an author, you can do many things with your beans. You can choose to extract them and transfer them to your PayPal. Or you can use them inside the app to purchase services that will help you grow as an author. [Coming Soon] These services are based on 3 pillars:

  • Quality: Editing, Covers, ARC reading, Reviews, etc.

  • Visibility: Bookstagrammer shout-out, blog posts, podcast interview, etc.

  • Branding: Translating, Audiobooks, Bookmarks, Clothing, etc.