WeInk Ambassadors

What is a WeInk Ambassador?

A WeInk ambassador represents and promotes WeInk, our platform, what it offers, and our events to their community. We also have a particular category of ambassadors who will be the very first people on the app to help us test it.

Types of Ambassadors
  • Tech Ambassadors will help us test the app, they will be the first to experience and see new features and the first to give us their feedback and report any issues. Thanks to them, thousands of other WeInkers can have a seamless experience.

  • Idol Ambassador will help promote our platform and events to their community. They will be the first informed about upcoming features. Thanks to them more readers and authors will discover WeInk and our community will grow to help us make WeInk a long-term success.

  • Star Ambassador will do all of the above!

  • SuperStar Ambassador is the most dedicated and die-hard ambassador. They are all of the above and more! They represent the brand and actively seek out new authors to grow their community and WeInk’s.

What's in it for you?
  • Early access to all features!!

  • Access to the exclusive Discord with all ambassadors.

  • Participate in monthly calls with the founders to get exclusive insights into future projects and co-create WeInk’s next steps.

  • We listen to your suggestions and you can contribute to the success and the growth of WeInk.

  • You will be representing a company that is trying to do good in the world.